On October 5th and 6th of 2013, I participated in Website Weekend, an event wherein volunteers worked tirelessly for 16 hours to build a WordPress site for a given nonprofit.
I was placed on the iUrbanTeen team. My team consisted of a project manager, the nonprofit consultant herself, and 4 developers. My role was visual design and art direction. In addition to redesigning their website, I also redesigned their logo. 
You can view the live site here:
Before The Redesign
The old website. The black and white theme was found to be too sterile and didn't appropriately communicate the spirit of the nonprofit. The logo was also a painpoint, as it was difficult to discern and the concept was sloppily executed.
The Logo Redesigned
The Initial Concept
The nonprofit client wanted to have a refreshed look for the logo; there were too many colors and the size didn't lend itself well for flexibility. 
This is the first logo concept I turned in.
I took the concept of a circuit board, which was the original concept of the logo, and researched how memory circuit boards looked. Then I abstracted the profile form of a brain into something more in the shape of a circuit board. I made the tittle on the "I" a node of a circuit.
The Final Logo
The nonprofit client was keen on keeping the MRI view of the brain, and keeping the brain looking more organic rather than rigid like a circuit board. They also wanted to keep the concept of a CPU as the central point for the brain, so I incorporated that feedback to provide the final logo.

After The Redesign
A cleaner website that uses imagery to engage users into learning more about this wonderful nonprofit. I worked very closely with the developers to help execute the vision I had for this site.
An example of a content page. The "donation widget" would appear in the right rail of all the content pages to introduce an easy way for users to donate to the nonprofit.
Style Guide
The nonprofit client also requested a quick style guide to help guide future brand-related decisions. I threw together a very basic one that covered typography, color, and logo usage. Below is a sample of what I provided for the client.
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