Causecast's latest product is the Community Impact Platform, a streamlined, web application for companies to help their employees engage in volunteering and donation. The platform was a very large product-driven project that was immensely complex in functionality; it included a dashboard system for an employee, as well as a dashboard system for an administrator.
I established most of the art direction and worked on the visual design (in which many of the sections of the platform were designed in collaboration with another visual designer). Sometimes I would establisht he UX for a given functionality; sometimes I would take the UX direction from another designer and implement it visually.
The biggest challenge for this project was designing something that was flexible enough to reflect varying functionality (modular design), as well as account for customizability in terms of color (companies could pick a color to theme the platform with). I believe these challenges were met with the designs that were created.
I also designed the entirety of the mobile experience of the platform, to be viewed in any phone's browser.
Desktop Web Experience
The landing page for a user after they've logged in. This is an example of what a regular user (non-administrator) might see; this includes a banner for active campaigns, a tabbed summary of good work the user has done so far, an administratrive panel for a current fundraiser a user might have, and an activty stream.
The landing page for a campaign. Users would access this page if they were interested in participating in the campaign.
The volunteer opportunity search page. Features a "List" view and a "Map" view. This is the list view.
A continuation of the list view; this is a mock of what would happen if a user scrolled past the top portion of the page. The search bar bcomes sticky, as does the map. Each opportunity that the user is actively navigating is reflected via its corresponding map pin in the map.
The map view of the opportunities. The blue state represents the active opportunity that the user is viewing on the map (as reflecd by the blue pin); the grey state is a hover state to indicate interactivity.
Mobile Web Experience
Login page to the platform
Volunteer opportunity search results page.
A volunteer opportunity detail page.
Continuation of the volunteer opportunity detail page, taking note of the "More Details" section, which is collapsible.
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