In Fall 2012, I was called on by Taproot Foundation to help out with an emergency situation with one of their nonprofit clients. Based on the client requirements, as well as the research that was done by the previous group's business analyst, I was able to come up with wireframes that addressed their needs, as well as solve some problems APCH was having with their current site. 
APCH has since gone with a different direction, but these are the wireframes I presented to them.
The home page. The information was structured according to what the client felt was important in terms of priority, as well as based on what donors had mentioned were important to them when they decided to support APCH.
An example of one of the services that APCH provides for children.
Donation wireframe, with notes from me to the project manager with questions that cover the more granular aspects of the form. I tried to make the form as simple as possible, and use language that would encourage potential donors to commit.
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